Mount Airy Folk Medicine Center


Conventional medicine tends to focus on palliative treatments, ie..relieving the current symptoms, and healing the current problem; not restoring the whole body to optimal health.

Herbal remedies, on the other hand, focus, not only on relieving the current symptoms, but treating the person as a whole.  The intent of herbal medicine is to restore the patient's body to a state of optimum wellness, so the body can later do a better job of fighting disease itself.  In todays society of terrible diets, lots of stress,  overuse of antibiotics and other palliative medicine, our bodys have "forgotten" and have been rendered virtually useless, in healing themselves.  Hence a trip to the doctor"s office many times a year, often for the same problem.

Herbal medicine will help to bring back the body's natural defenses.  Along with recommendations of medicinal herbs, nutritional recommendations will also be made.  Everything taken into our body either works for us or against us.  It does matter what you eat.

Lastly, too many people are "self-prescribing" their herbs then complain if they don't work or if they have any untoward effects.  Herbs, as medications, should only be taken under the direction of a qualified medical professional.  Though they are generally safe when taken as dierected, there are interactions that can happen when there are other drugs in the system and when there are other disease processes in the system.  An example of this would be Evening Primrose Oil, an excellent source of EFA's and it also helps to repair the myelin shealth in neurological disorders. But it also lowers the seizure threshhold, so anyone with a history of seizures should stay away from EPO.

An Herbalist also knows the numerous herbs in each category (ie, pain relief, hypotensives, decongestants, etc..) and will be able to choose which one or few will work best for YOUR body.  Not every herb is appropriate for every body.  This is wholistic, individualistic treatment.  There is no one-herb-fits-all solution.  We treat YOU, your body, your individual medical issues, you alone.

Note: I am an herbal consultant, not a medical doctor.  I do not diagnose, but will make recommendations based on the presentation of your symptoms. You have the right to discuss your case with me and accept or decline any recommendations that I may make.
Mount Airy Folk Medicine Center