Mount Airy Folk Medicine Center
Maria K. Verderaime RVT, RN, DHerb has a British Institute of Homeopathy degree in Medical Herbology.  She is most concerned with restoring your body to its optimum state of health

Herbology is the study and research of plants and the qualitites they have for healing.  This includes a study of the horticulture, the chemical constituents and the pharmacology including indications, side-effects, contraindications and drug-herb & herb-herb interactions. Also included is the study of wild-crafting and conserving the harvesting of wild herbs so that future generations can reap their benefits.

Herbs have been proven over thousands of years, through anecdotal evidence, that they work.  Now, we have methods of determining the exact chemical constituents of these herbs explaining why they work.  Thousands of clinical studies have been and are being done to prove the effectiveness of herbs as medicine.

Another wonderful thing about herbs is that, if used properly, they have virtually no side-effects.  That is because of their chemical makeups.  When just one chemical is extracted from an herb to produce a pharmaceutical drug, suddenly you have lots of side-effects that come with it.  But when the entire plant is taken, all the other constituents of that plant counteract any side-effects from any one constituent.
Mount Airy Folk Medicine Center